Story of House of Dal

पेशावरी दाल, जिस हांड़ी में बनी
वो म्हारे देश की मिट्टी; लागे चोखी घणी

Handi - हांड़ी
As the food cooks, slowly, over burning wood turning into charcoal, in an earthen pot of clay, made by the kumhar on a lane in a village, reminds you of the people we left in the pages of history.

Desi Ghee - देसी घी
What desi ghee on roti means, ask any Indian and they will tell you, it means love, mother. All our recipes are cooked in love and desi ghee.

Serving an Indian kaleidoscope of rural culinary experiences, in an earthen pot who nurtures it with minerals while in its womb, creamy dishes and healthy.

If food does not evoke emotion, it isn't made on a tandoor

  • Fresh
  • Desi
  • Smoky
  • Dum-pukht